Plastic Injection Moulding

Plastic Injection MouldingWe’re no dinosaur, but we like to think that 40 years experience in plastic injection moulding and mould tool design is time served. We’ve an in-depth knowledge of plastics along with friendly and professional staff. Our continued focus is ensuring the highest level of customer service across our whole business.

We’re particularly skilled in the plastic injection moulding of Nylon and Glass Filled Nylons (30%/50%) which we produce for a number of sectors including mining and civil engineering. We’re also known for our ability to produce high quality/volume of Rigid and Flexible PVC (used predominately in the building sector). Our prices for Polypropylene, HDPE, and Repro PP production are also very competitive due to high volume discounts we receive on plastic injection moulding materials.

We do deal with other materials too, like ABS, Low Density Ethylene (LDPE), Styrene (MIPS/HIPS), Polyoxymethylene (POM), also known as Acetal, and Polycarbonate (PC).

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We run a range of automatic, semi automatic and manumould plastic injection moulding machinery, from 25 ton to 250 ton. So no matter what size or quantity plastic injection moulding you require, we have the capability to produce this for you, quickly and at the highest possible quality. We aim to go well beyond ISO9001 (view our certification) and continually improve our services with an aim to become defect free, that’s how much we’re committed to upholding the good name of British quality. We have a solid program for tooling clean-down and repairs, so your tool will always be in tip-top condition.

Unlike any other plastic injection moulding company in the UK we’re non-profit. Which means you’ll get quality components, at a competitive price. We know cost isn’t everything though, and we work tirelessly to provide a fast, efficient service so you’ll receive goods on time, every-time.

Because of our unique position, our stores are able to hold your regular plastic injection moulding products on stock,  ready for call off as-and-when you need it, at no charge. Reducing your inventory handling costs.

Plastic Injection Moulding to suit your needs

Are you a new business?

If you’re developing a new product for a new business and don’t know where to start. Then please get in touch. We’re always happy to help you flesh out your idea. Our new product development program will help you understand the plastic injection moulding process. From ideation; concept designs; all the way through to production.

Have you a new product you want to develop?

We’ll give you all the support you need, especially at critical stages such as mould development and material choices. Our technical director has over 20 years in new product design for plastic injection moulding.  When it comes to developing a new mould tool we’ll even manage the tooling process at no cost. You’ll get transparency at all times. We deal with trusted UK and international tooling manufacturers.

Thinking about changing trade moulders?

Unhappy with the speed or quality from your current plastic injection moulding company or simply want to help reduce costs? We can manage the whole process for you. We run a full tooling check, and most importantly, we’ll get you in production very quickly.

Plastic injection moulding sectors

Some firms like to focus on specific business areas. We think it’s more important to be a good all round manufacturing company. That comes from many years of working with clients in the following sectors:

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