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Co-op deal

Posted by in News | July 18, 2013

Barnsley-based Moorland Plastics has signed a two-year deal to supply more than 600,000 roll cage retention hooks and straps to The Co-operative Food’s logistics service. The value of deal was not revealed.

The not-for-profit plastics company, which employs people with disabilities, is funded by Barnsley Council and the Department for Work and Pensions.

The firm specialises in injection moulding, vacuum forming and assembly, and manufactures a range of products, from plastic doors and windows to parts for hand tools. It currently has 33 staff.

James Smith, sales and marketing manager at Moorland Plastics, said: “One of our main objectives is to develop Moorland Plastics into a long-term supplier of products for major UK organisations, such as The Co-operative, so we can expand and provide even more employment opportunities for disabled people, and provide work-based learning for young adults.

“We’re already on track to double sales this year, and this new contract with The Co-operative is a perfect fit for both businesses, and will also make a real difference to a lot of people’s lives through our supported employment initiative.”

The Co-operative has more than 210,000 roll cages and the new retention straps will replace worn or missing hooks and straps at its UK-wide distribution network. The Co-operative’s logistics network services more than 4,000 stores, including independent Co-operatives, and makes more than 30,000 deliveries per week.

New Machine Update

Posted by in News | September 26, 2012

Moorland Plastics-Sandretto 200T Plastic Injection Moulding MachineWe’ve recently increased our capacity within the 200 ton area by purchasing a Sandretto 8 series machine with a large capacity barrel and twin core pulling system.


Moorland on BBC

Posted by in News | July 11, 2012

Since our move, we’ve begun to look at different ways of helping people find work. From September we’ve a range of schemes to do just that. You can find out more information from a recent feature on the BBC website.



Three Steps to Cost Saving

Posted by in News | February 2, 2012

Looking to save money on plastic moulding without effecting quality? It’s not always an easy task. But by supplying us with just a few  bits of information we can help you save money on plastic moulding. It’s really that simple. Here’s how:

1. We’ll need a little bit of information from you:

a. Do you have a mould tool already? (If no, go to question b):________________________________________________________

How many impressions is the tool?: ____________________________________________________________________________

Is it: Automatic / Manumould (please highlight)

Approximate age of the tool?: ________________________________________________________________________________

b. Weight of component/s? (If multiple components, please specify each weight):_________________________________________

c. Rough size of component/s – LxWxH (If multiple components please specify each size):___________________________________

d. How many components do you expect to require per year?:________________________________________________________

e. Do you have a technical drawing? (If so, please attach it to your email)

Finally don’t forget to attach images of your product – Showing all relevant sides

2. Copy and paste your reply to an email. Then send it to:

3. Check your inbox. We expect to reply within a couple of hours at the most.

You can read more about how you can save money on plastic moulding by visiting our reduce costs page.


Uncompromised Value

Posted by in News | January 12, 2012

We believe that every manufactured plastic molding should be of the highest quality, because at the end of the day its your reputation we’re handling. In these difficult times many people have been evaluating whether plastic molding in the UK is a viable option when they can purchase goods from abroad for lower prices.

We offer a solution to that problem. Firstly, we’re a non-profit organisation so we can keep the cost of manufacturing plastic molding in the UK low. But more importantly, our focus is quality and speed of delivery.

Many of our new customers have tried the international supply chain method and brought back their plastic molding in the UK. That’s because British manufacturing still has excellence within its framework. We don’t settle for second best, and neither will our customers.

Some of the benefits of plastic molding in the UK through Moorland Plastics

  • Quality components which will enhance your reputation.
  • Costs – comparable with international suppliers, highly competitive within the UK.
  • No additional labour is needed to finish the products
  • Fast turnaround from order to delivery – no waiting 6 weeks for shipping.
  • Very low shipping costs, if any.
  • Excellent customer service – we’ve been awarded the highest marks by Ofsted for our systems.
  • Trained professionals in manufacturing and quality – added peace of mind that we’ll get the job done right, first time.


Civil Engineering Plastics

Posted by in News | January 4, 2012

Before I joined Moorland Plastics I didn’t realise the importance of Civil Engineering Plastics. Now I think the opportunities are endless. Thanks to one of our closest business partners, my eyes have been opened to the possibilities.

Take the Cutty Sark for instance. It’s the oldest tea clipper in existence, and in a couple of months time it will be opened to the general public. The ship is held together by nuts manufactured by Moorland Plastics, which we produced on behalf of our customer. Through a mix of their expertise in civil, and our approach to product design and knowledge of plastics we’ve become part of history in the making.

Looking to the future, civil engineering plastics will become even more important. We’re already connecting with universities to become involved in nanotechnology. In the months to come I am really looking forward to seeing how far we can take civil engineering plastic manufacturing. My guess will be beyond our wildest imaginations.


Merry Christmas

Posted by in News | December 22, 2011

We’re sure by now that you’ll all be anticipating the holiday season. We all are.

But before we take time off to celebrate the coming of New Year we’d just like to thank all our customers and partner organisations a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We wish you all the best in 2012.

Our office will close at 1pm on Fri 22 Dec and reopen at 8am on Mon 2 Jan 2012. If you have an urgent enquiry in between those dates, please email James Smith, Sales and Marketing Manager and I’ll get back to you ASAP.



How solid is your supply chain?

Posted by in News | December 15, 2011

Before I joined Moorland I worked in polyurethane machinery manufacturing. The business was rock solid, but every so often we’d experience the tumbling house of cards effect. That is somewhere along the supply chain a business hits financial difficulty, and everyone feels the impact.

At a time of economic uncertainty I can imagine this happens a lot. The operative word is cash flow.

At Moorland Plastics we’re not governed by monthly cash flow issues, that’s because we’re part of Barnsley Council. Sure, we still have to manage day-to-day cash flow, but we operate on annual budgets. By using Moorland within a supply chain, you’ll get the added peace of mind, knowing we’re not constrained by fluctuations financial position.

We’re also part of a wider strategy within the council, we’ve been around since 1966 and we’re here to stay. Our view is good businesses partnerships are ones that develop over a long period of time. We’ll always be here for you.

We’ve moved

Posted by in News | October 21, 2011

Over the last month we’ve moved to a new bigger and better premises on the outskirts of Barnsley town centre, Carlton Industrial Estate. So we’re really excited about the prospects for the future.

It means we can increase our capacity for production,  and develop opportunities for more people with disabilities to find skilled work. At a time of austerity, we see this as being a really important issue.

We’ve also inherited a uPVC windows solution business, formally Award Windows within Berneslai Homes. So we should be producing uPVC windows in the Veka profile very soon. Watch this space.

James Smith
Sales and Marketing Manager